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In a place where a recurrence of herpes will soon develop, harbingers of the disease appear. pain, tingling, tingling, itching. The skin over the site of the future relapse turns red. The second stage is the stage of inflammation. It starts with a small painful vesicle, which gradually increases in size. The bubble is tense and filled with a clear liquid, which later becomes cloudy.

Stage III - the stage of ulceration. The bubble bursts, and a colorless liquid flows out of it, stuffed with billions of viral particles. In its place, an ulcer is formed. At this point, a sick person is highly contagious, as he releases a huge amount of viral particles into the environment. Because of metoprolol pills and sores on the face, people are most annoyed by this stage. 

A crust forms over the sores, if damaged, pain and bleeding can occur. A prolonged course of a cold on the lips (more than 30 days) can be a sign of a sharp decrease in immunity, benign tumors and oncological diseases, HIV infection, lymphoproliferative diseases.

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In people with reduced immunity (immunosuppression, HIV infection), necrotic forms of flow are possible.ia with the formation of scars on the skin. Stages of development of genital herpes.

Depending on the time of infection of the patient with the herpes simplex virus, genital herpes can be primary (for the first time in the patient's life) or recurrent (two or more times). Accordingly, the symptoms and signs of genital herpes will be slightly different.

Primary genital herpes, as a rule, is asymptomatic, subsequently leading to a latent virus carrier or the development of recurrent herpes. From the point of view of the spread of the herpes simplex virus, such an asymptomatic form is considered the most dangerous, since without finding symptoms of herpes and not knowing about it, a person continues to buy metoprolol online an active sex life, infecting partners. It should also be noted that it is during the period of the primary development of infection that herpes is especially contagious.

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Primary genital herpes usually appears after 1-10 days of the incubation period and differs from subsequent exacerbations in a more severe and prolonged course. So, places of rashes. Relapses can occur not only outside the genitals, but also inside the urethra or vagina, as well as on the thighs and legs. In women, genital herpes often appears on the buttocks and is associated with the approach of menstruation. Bubble rash in the rectal area and inside it also refers to order lopressor pills of genital herpes.

  • The symptoms of genital herpes themselves are similar to the symptoms of herpes on the lips.
  • Influence of herpes on the person.
  • The herpes virus is transmitted by direct contact, as well as through household items.
  • Airborne transmission is also possible.
  • Herpes penetrates through the mucous membranes of generic lopressor, upper respiratory tract and genital organs.
  • Having overcome tissue barriers, the virus enters the blood and lymph. Then it enters various internal organs.

The awakening of the infection in the cold season, with colds, with hypovitaminosis is characteristic. The reproduction of herpes in the cells of the epithelium of the skin and mucous membranes leads to the development of dystrophy and cell death.